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1.Séria - Hudba

Episode 1.01 - Pilot

"She will Only Bring you Happiness" - McLusky
"Born on The Cusp" - American Analog Set
"Canon in D Major" - Johann Pachelbel
"Hold the Line" - Pilot Speed
"Sounds" - Earlimart
"Flock" - DJ Harry
"Supposed To Be" - Cary Brothers

Episode 1.02 - Sleepless in Seattle

"Second Son" - Elliot Brood
"So Many Ways" - Mates of State
"The Airways" - Castle Project
"A Kind of Hope" - Pilot Speed
"Sunday Morning Blues" - Waking Eyes
"Summer Song Summer" - Radiogram
"Falling" - Paper Moon
"Honestly" - Cary Brothers

Episode 1.03 - The Lies that Bind

"Surround" - In-Flight Safty
"Crush" - Aiden Hawken
"Lost (The March Song)" - In-Flight Safety
"Three Lights" - Kids These Days
"The Songs We Knew Best" - The Bonaduces
"Citizen's Arrest" - Wolf Colonel
"Vallee of Cobras" - The Summerlad

Episode 1.04 - Diving In

"When Good Things Go Bad" Vanlustbader
"Love and Memories" O.A.R.
"Wonderful Day" O.A.R.
"3 AM" Sean Hayes
"3 AM" - from episode Sean Hayes
"Scratch" Kendall Payne
"Between Us and Them" Moving Units
"Rest Tonight" Kids These Days
"Satellites" Beneath Augusta
"All I Need" Mat Kearney

Episode 1.05 - This is not a Test

"Hide Another Mistake" - The 88
"Along Comes a Smile" - The Meligrove Band
"Pillows and Records" - Aiden Hawken

Episode 1.06 - Blame it on the Rain

"Stay" - Blue Merle
"All The Rage" - Cary Brothers
"Out of Sight" - In-Flight Safty
"Lucky Boy" - In-Flight Safty

Episode 1.07 - Kyle Got Game

"I'm Fresh" - Wendell Wellman
"Oh The Way You Move" - Wendell Wellman
"Scratch This" - Big Rush
"Too Hot" - Swollen Members
"Bastian Cooper" - Cinderpop

Episode 1.08 - Memory Serves

"Bug Bear" Climber -
"I'll Write The Song, You Sing the Song" - Irving
"Care I Don't Care" - Irving
"Take Me To The Sun" - Meligrove Band
"Set It Up" - Sign of the Fox

Episode 1.09 - Overheard

"L-O-V-E" - Irving
"Want You Now" - Velvet Crush
"Burning the Cow" - Earlimart
"Ride" - Cary Brothers

Episode 1.10 - Endgame

"I Wouldn't Do That To You" - Carey Ott
"Forever In A Day" - Helene
"Bug Bear" Climber -
"Replay" - Martyrs and Poets
"Where We Gonna Go From Here" - Mat Kearney



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